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Welcome to Bilddichte web design and SEO agency. Our team accompanies you competently and in full service to achieve the greatest possible success on the Internet. Convince your customers as well as search engines equally and trust with us on coordinated concepts. Our web design & SEO agency is happy to advise you comprehensively on the topic of search engine optimization and web programming during an initial consultation.

Our strengths as a competent and versatile SEO partner include:

  • comprehensive support of our customers in homepage full service
  • creation of individual concepts fitting to your company or project
  • strong initial analysis to determine current errors of your homepage.
  • complete support from content to technical level
  • long-term support with continuous optimization of the SEO measures

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No matter how professionally your website is designed - if it is not found by search engines, it will hardly be possible to attract new prospects or customers. Our SEO agency knows the specifics of many industries and knows how many factors play into a contemporary website. Oriented to your ideas in design, target group and budget, we implement SEO concepts that really get you ahead.

Website optimization is an ongoing process. Search engines adjust their algorithm for evaluating websites at regular intervals. The requirements for pages also change, for example due to the increasing importance of devices such as smartphones and tablets. Bilddichte SEO Agency is familiar with all the changes and requirements and will gladly become your long-term, strategic partner.

Search engine advertising - success with SEO and SEM

You have heard of the term search engine marketing, but you can’t imagine anything in detail? Come to our online marketing agency and let us advise you on topics such as SEO and SEM. From the creation of your company homepage to the online store for a successful entry into e-commerce, we offer proven concepts that fit your goals on the Internet.

We build your successful entry into online marketing on the two pillars of search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). The former includes measures in the content design of your website, as well as the integration of social media or other linked content. SEM is characterized by a commercial promotion of your web offer, primarily through advertisements via Google AdWords.

In the combination of both, our SEO & online marketing agency from Vienna creates the right deployment to increase your presence on the Internet in the short and long term. Come and talk to us about the right strategy for your company and experience how advantages over direct competitors can be achieved.

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SEO - Indispensable for the success of your website.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the absolute foundation for any successful website. The term summarizes all measures that increase your long-term relevance in Google search queries. You achieve this relevance by convincing both the human viewer of your website and the technical evaluation factors of search engines. The most important components of a successful SEO include:

High-quality, textual content with added value for the viewer
Integration of multimedia such as images and video
Linking to a company blog and social media
Establishment of a backlinking structure to topic-relevant pages

The topic of SEO has become steadily more complex over the years. Search engines pay attention to more and more parameters when evaluating websites, which are not always professionally implemented, especially by non-experts in the field of online marketing. For example, optimal display on mobile devices or relevance on social networks such as Facebook or Instagram have long been important criteria for evaluation.

If you want to learn more about SEO and an adequate implementation, just come to our SEO agency. We will gladly share our expertise with you and explain which aspects play a role for the optimization of your website. Subsequently implemented professionally, you will soon experience a significantly better search engine ranking for many suitable search queries.

Local-SEO: Regional to success

Local online advertising for small and medium-sized businesses

The Internet is global, and so is the use of Google as the world’s most popular search engine. For local and regional businesses such as craftsmen, hotels or restaurants, the use and optimization of their own website still makes sense. The recipe for success is called Local SEO - page optimization measures that are explicitly tailored to a local or regional search.
With the targeted integration of regional terms or your city name, we increase the prospects that you will find old and new customers in your province or municipality in Austria more easily. Use this advantage over your competitors and make yourself a fixed, regional term for various queries on the Internet.

Through technical SEO in addition to success

A successful SEO campaign is more than the visible level for visitors to your website. In the backend there are numerous possibilities to start and optimize your website. After all, search engines also evaluate your online marketing based on technical criteria. These factors include

  • high usability of your website with clear menu navigation
  • correct functionality of all links
  • optimized display for all devices
  • fast page load despite many media elements

Especially when it comes to technical SEO, laymen have no insight into how you can get more out of your current advertising campaign on the web. Here our agency provides you with valuable incentives for a functioning search engine marketing. Our programmers and developers are well acquainted with the technical level in the SEO area and will gladly make an analysis of possible weak points of your website.

Modern web design for your SEO success

With all measures of technical optimization in the sense of Google, the human viewer should never be forgotten. On the contrary:

A cleverly built and attractively designed homepage attracts more visitors and thus automatically ensures a better ranking on search engines. Our agency will help you to attract old and new customers with an appealing and modern web design.

We will gladly undertake the initial design of your logo and other graphic elements. An expressive visual language also includes the right colors and fonts, which should have a high recognition value for your branding. So that you do not appear too old-fashioned with an existing company and scare off customers, we are also your partner in re-design. Let our SEO agency convince you of the graphic trends with which you present yourself as a company at the height of time.

Create coherent campaigns with our SEO agency

Doing smart search engine marketing is more than the sum of its parts. Our team knows from experience how important the coordination of the mentioned measures to a coherent campaign is. Through this you convince every human viewer as well as search engines with a coherent appearance and a clear strategy in marketing.

Our Vienna agency sees itself as a full-service partner that accompanies you comprehensively in search engine marketing. Take advantage of our experience and let us guide you through the following steps for your success online:

  • first analysis of your website with pointing out possible weak points
  • joint development of a concept suitable for the target group
  • creation of starting points for a re-design
  • development and web programming (for new projects or as a re-design)
  • professional implementation of all elements according to a clear scheme
  • controlling and regular success analysis including optimization

The professional support of our SEO agency will help you to place your brand well and permanently on the Internet. Before you invest expensive money in AdWords campaigns or a non-functioning re-design, come to us and systematically achieve advantages over your direct competitors on the Internet.

Questions about SEO?

Success on the Internet is no coincidence. Neither are top positions in search engines. Come to us and let real professionals advise you on how to achieve fast and sustainable success with your website or online store.

Based on a modern content management system (CMS) and implemented to fit your budget, our SEO agency will gladly contribute to customer conversion and the acquisition of new prospects. Do you have any questions? Contact us free of charge for an initial marketing consultation!

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