• Aerial drone photography

    We at Bilddichte are specialized in high-quality aerial photography with state-of-the-art drones. Trust in our experience and let us stage your projects from the air.

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  • Drone photography for commercial and construction industry

    Drone photography for construction & industry

    We offer you tailor-made solutions for construction & industry and are happy to assist you with our experience.

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  • Photovoltaic inspection with thermal drone - thermal image orthophoto

    Inspection of photovoltaic systems

    By using thermography with special thermal imaging cameras, you gain insight into how efficiently your plant is really operating and where unnoticed thermal energy is going to waste

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The perfect aerial solution for your project

Bilddichte - Your Partner for Professional Drone Photography

Are you looking for a reliable and experienced partner for professional and cost-efficient drone photography? Then bilddichte.com is the right address for you. We are equally passionate about the fascination of drone flight technology as well as the possibilities of producing high-quality film footage, photographs and surveys from the air. Projects that in the past could only be realized by aircraft at great expense are no problem for us. From sporting events with speed drones to your individual image film for a company portrait to marketing projects, we offer the perfect solution with our camera drones. With more than 10 years of drone flying experience, we can create footage for your project even in complex environments.

Thermographic inspections of photovoltaic systems

Unwanted heat development can indicate incipient defects in photovoltaic systems. Without aerial thermographic inspection, detecting critical temperature areas becomes a guessing game with dangerous climbs. Save time and money in troubleshooting with our drone thermography.

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Safe roof inspection with camera drones

Would you like to know what condition a roof is in without having to undertake dangerous climbing tours? We take over your roof inspection quite simply from the air and provide informative detailed photos.

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FPV - Sports recording for action and entertainment

Dynamic FPV sports footage takes the audience right into the action. For best quality recordings at sporting events and for commercials, we are happy to assist you with our experience.

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Photography of real estate for brokers and sellers

Whether for pure valuation, for the preparation of expert opinions or to increase the interest in buying: professional drone photography of real estate from the air is meaningful, impressive and shows even complex objects from all desired perspectives.

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The advantages of the drone will also impress you

Especially in the construction industry and in the commercial sector as well as in agriculture, the advantages of drone cameras have become indispensable. The fast and precise surveying of objects and landscapes is possible in a quality that was previously unthinkable. Whether for construction documentation, for maintenance and inspection of damage, or for determining the need for renovation, a drone can reach even the most inaccessible places in the shortest possible time.

High resolution filming and aerial photography for all applications

If you would like to use the possibilities of high-resolution filming from the air with dynamic FPV drone flights for an image film or the creation of advertising for your company, we are also at your disposal. Our experts have a lot of experience in the field of FPV drone flight and bring their personal passion for this art form into the project.

PV inspection with temperature measurement
Photovoltaic inspection with temperature measurement black-white-red

Professional photovoltaic inspection with the thermal imaging drone

In order to be able to use a photovoltaic system at full capacity, the PV modules should be checked regularly using thermographic images. A drone with a high-resolution thermal imaging camera is ideal for this purpose. We fly over your photovoltaic system with our high-performance drone and simultaneously take high-resolution RGB and thermal images of the individual modules. From these images, we create a clear, high-resolution orthophoto or even a thermographic 3D model if required.

Contact us today for your individual consultation

For a meaningful assessment of the cost of your project, simply contact us today. We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of our camera drones regarding aerial photography, volume calculation, surveying and construction site documentation. Cost efficiency, precision and speed are the focus of our expertise.

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