Fawn search with drones

Avoiding fawn mowing deaths effectively with the help of thermal imaging drones. In spring, there are always devastating situations for fawns

Fawn Search with Drones - Effectively Avoiding Mowing Deaths

Every year in spring, devastating situations occur in many fields in Austria. While many a fawn seeks protection from enemies in the dense vegetation, agricultural mowing operations can seek a quick, dramatic end to the young life. In terms of animal and environmental protection, it is close to the hearts of all farmers to prevent fatal accidents of this kind. By using our drones for an aerial survey with thermography, you are making a valuable contribution to protecting the lives of fawns in Austria.

Avoid dramatic consequences

Whether wild boar in the cornfield or a fawn in the cornfield or meadow - where agricultural plants grow high, young animals find effective protection. However, fawns & co. are not protected from one danger: Mowing in the advancing spring or early summer. Saving fawns is more than just nature conservation, but an obligation for farmers in Austria and many other European nations.

Searching the fields is laborious; due to the high vegetation, they are confusing and difficult to see. In addition, the fawns are very well camouflaged with their brownish fur. An advantage that protects them from predators in the first weeks of life, but also makes them almost invisible to the human eye.

To avoid dramatic consequences when harvesting grass, corn and grain, modern drone technology offers a different approach. From the air, a thermal image can be used to determine where fawns and other animals are located in fields before mowing. Before the combine harvester moves out, the animals can be brought to safety, and conflicts between animal welfare and agriculture are effectively prevented.

Save many fawns with drones

Drones are increasingly becoming a technically advanced standard, and not only for fawn rescue. Controlled by experienced and certified pilots, even large fields can be scoured by aerial photography in just a few minutes. Equipped with the right camera technology, a thermal image reveals creatures of all kinds in grasses and crops. The search should be carried out immediately before driving the combine, which is technically effortless and cost-effective.

Technically, the thermal image from the drone is transmitted to a handheld device that immediately converts the information into GPS data for tracking. This allows a sufficiently accurate picture of the position of fawns and other animals in the fields to be created. During the mowing work, the fawn can be safely housed, for example in special boxes. Once the mowing is done, the fawn is released back into the same environment. A simple and efficient form of rescue that should be close to every farmer's heart.

Advantages of high-tech drones at a glance

Drones offer many advantages as aerial vehicles that not only assist farmers in safe and animal-friendly mowing operations. The most important advantages include:

  • Thanks to a simple and maneuverable control system, all field areas can be flown over effortlessly and any living creatures in grass and grain can be detected.
  • The drone's camera technology provides precise and meaningful images, whose thermal image is one of the best locating methods available.
  • In addition to detecting fawns in the field, aerial photography can be used for other agricultural purposes.
  • The cost of a drone flight for aerial photography is comparatively low and inexpensive for farmers to contribute to animal welfare.

It is important to be able to rely on an experienced pilot who is familiar with the agricultural needs when flying drones for fawn rescue. Here you are at the right address, because only experienced and certified drone pilots are used for us.

High-tech for fawn search

For a detection of fawns and other creatures in fields and meadows, we rely on a state-of-the-art drone with the DJI Matrice M30T. The M30T model has an integrated dual camera and captures even the smallest details effortlessly with up to 200x hybrid zoom. Other features and benefits of the DJI M30T include:

  • RTK module for precise positions in the centimeter range
  • 640 x 512 px thermal imaging camera
  • complementary 48 MP RGB camera
  • Obstacle detection in all directions

Farmers cannot use the M30T for fawn rescue purposes alone. The integrated dual camera also allows for the creation of normal aerial images that provide a basic overview of one's fields and meadows. This can serve agricultural purposes, promote mapping or simply become an aesthetic view of the property. Just talk to us about the purposes for which you need your drone footage.

Valuable contribution to nature conservation

A growing number of farmers in Austria take the importance of nature conservation seriously. Even if economic interests of a farm are naturally in the foreground, nature conservation and animal protection are not luxury goods. Many therefore do not simply want to fulfill government requirements when you save fawns and other animals from being mowed to death.

The economic efficiency is given with thermal images of a drone camera in any case. As an experienced partner for drone images of all kinds, we will be happy to submit a fair offer to you, with which you will also be happy to make your contribution to nature conservation in Austria.

Contribute to fawn rescue as a drone pilot

Besides farmers, many drone pilots themselves care about nature conservation. Perhaps you have a modern device with an integrated thermal camera and would like to officially register to make your contribution to the protection of fawns and other animals. This is officially possible in Austria.

As a drone pilot, pay a visit to the website Rehkitzrettung.at. Here you can register and show that you care about the animal welfare in the fields and meadows of our country. Together with your technical equipment, you can actively help farmers in your region to protect Austria's nature and animal life.

Use drones for other purposes

By the way, the use of aerial, thermal and infrared imagery is not limited to preventing fawn mowing deaths alone. Aerial photography with high-tech drones can be used for a variety of other public and operational purposes. For example, the same technology can be used in tracking missing animals and people. Also, for surveying and similar purposes, precise drone images provide technical possibilities that were unimaginable just a few decades ago.

Questions about the topic? We are happy to inform!

Are you also interested in aerial photography for fawn rescue and would like to hire an experienced drone pilot? Just come to us and talk to us! We will be happy to inform you about the areas in which the use of drones can help your agricultural business in a cost-conscious manner!

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