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A modern and professional website is not enough for the success of your company on the Internet and the acquisition of new customers. Even the best website will not bring you economic success if it cannot be found by Internet users during search queries. Top rankings in search engines and the right search terms are the key to reach new prospects and convert them into customers. Search engine marketing, SEM for short, is one of the indispensable measures in this regard.

SEM as marketing measure for new websites

The most common reason to rely on search engine marketing is to quickly promote new websites. Maybe you have just launched your online store or project and want to attract attention from day one. If you do SEO alone, it will take a long time before you can even reach the first results page in search queries.

With a little budget for the SEM, you can be on the front page of suitable Google search queries from day one. Many companies take advantage of this effect to serve a variety of keywords with a somewhat higher advertising budget. If the success of the SEO measures taken becomes apparent over time, the budget for SEM can be slowly reduced.

SEM as a marketing measure for existing websites

Is SEM superfluous for an established website, which through SEO already appears on the first results page? No! There are other sensible ways to think about SEM even with a web offering that has been established for years and has the best positions. This is especially true for current offers, for example an attractive discount or a lottery.

With SEM, you bring these extras to the first page of matching search queries on a daily basis. For example, if a user searches for your company or brand, he would otherwise only find your homepage on the first results page thanks to the SEO success. With a targeted SEM contribution, they will instead learn directly about your competition or current discounts. Bring yourself regularly to the attention of old and new customers and use SEM as a targeted component of your marketing.

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Use SEM as a regional marketing concept

From hotels to restaurants to craftsmen, there are countless companies that seek their customers more in a regional environment. When bidding on certain keywords, it is therefore not simply a matter of choosing a generic, suitable search term. Instead, it can be combined with the name of a city or region.

Search queries for the companies mentioned are very often made by additionally entering a city, municipality or state. In return, you will pay less when bidding on a regional keyword, since the regional competition is smaller than nationwide. This is a sensible approach to save money and at the same time use SEM effectively.

SEM as part of your online marketing

The search engine marketing SEM and the search engine optimization SEO are two of many aspects that belong to modern online marketing. Many companies still underestimate the effect that online campaigns have on your business. It is often overlooked that people are increasingly looking for service providers, hotels or products on the Internet and that mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are the leading end devices.

As important as classic print advertising or personal contact with customers is, the search for products and services is gradually shifting to the digital world. Here no company should leave the field open to the competition, but should think about online marketing that fits its own budget. This is already worthwhile for smaller craftsmen or sole traders who, with the right strategy, can even stand out from significantly larger companies.

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