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Use Facebook, Instagram & Co. effectively!

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are among the most important reasons why people are online. In addition to private individuals, more and more companies are using the networks to present themselves and establish direct contact with customers. With a coordinated social media marketing you also have the chance to use the potential of the networks and contribute to brand building and customer loyalty. Our agency accompanies you in this process and combines social media marketing with other measures of an individual campaign.

Different approaches in social media marketing

The basic idea in strategic social media marketing is identical regardless of industry and product. You include posts in one or more networks at regular intervals and thus remain in the memory of your customers. These posts can generically flow into the wall of users who have already connected with your company. Alternatively, there is the option to post commercial ads that are displayed to match a user’s personal likes and circle of friends.

To follow the approach, regular creation of high-quality content is important. These range from textual articles about your company to high-resolution photos and videos, for example, as tutorials about your products. If you embed these on Facebook, Instagram & Co., marketing success can be achieved on several levels. In the following, we will show you the most important effects of this form of marketing:

Share current information

Very few of your customers expect or want active advertising when using Facebook & Co. On the contrary, too frequent advertisements have a disruptive effect and leave a negative impression. Keeping customers loyal doesn’t have to involve traditional advertising. Instead, share practical and up-to-date information with every follower. In this way, stay in the viewer’s memory again and again without giving them the active impression of an advertisement.

Get likes and gain new followers

For good and quality content, your brand fans won’t hesitate to give you a Like. Liked content is displayed to friends and acquaintances of these brand fans on their wall. In this way, they benefit from an indirect advertising effect, simply because satisfied buyers like to share their enthusiasm with other people. It is precisely this effect in social media marketing that is extremely attractive and provides an absolutely free advertising effect.

Benefit from positive reviews

The increased reach from new followers develops even greater advertising potential when Likes are linked to positive comments. Every user of the platforms has the opportunity to leave you a written comment. With high-quality posts, the chances that these entries will be positive increase. Later readers of these entries get an additional positive impression and gain the desired assessment of your brand or products.

Creating proximity to old and new customers

The use of social networks ultimately creates the impression of permanent, direct proximity to the customer. You can actively contribute to this, for example by responding promptly to comments. For many users of Facebook or Instagram, writing via the platform for specific questions is the easiest way. If you answer them, ideally directly and publicly visible, you leave the impression of strong customer service everywhere. This promotes positive perception and shows that you really care about old and new customers.

Use social media as part of your SEO strategy

Ultimately, you should not underestimate the effect of social media marketing for your search engine optimization (SEO). For Google, the inclusion of links to your own social media accounts has become a criterion for the relevance of your website. You also build a network with your homepage, your company blog and various social media, between which a wide variety of links can be set. This also favors top rankings on Google and other search engines. The only important thing is that the respective linked content is of high quality and really useful for the user. Our SEO agency will be happy to help you with this assessment.

Integrate social media marketing into an overall concept

Modern marketing on the Internet is complex and includes many other aspects besides social media. Laypeople too often proceed without thinking and, in the worst case, achieve the opposite of the desired success. For example, it is not enough to simply register with various social networks and upload several posts with more or less interesting content every day.

Our agency knows from experience that every marketing campaign on the Internet should proceed according to a clear plan. Social media are an important part and at the same time only one facet for strong marketing on the Internet. We therefore advise working with us as a professional partner to proceed in online marketing in a well thought-out and coordinated manner.

Using social networks the right way with our agency

Would you like to learn more about social media and their benefits in marketing? Use the contact to our agency and get competent advice. We will show you whether social media marketing is currently interesting for your company and which platform your target group prefers to use. Our agency will be happy to complement social media marketing measures to create a fully-fledged digital marketing campaign!

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