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As good and modern as your website is - it has to be found by prospects and potential customers. In this day and age, searches for products and services almost automatically lead to search engines like Google. If you are not to be found here in the top positions of a search query, the probability that your website will be visited is very low.

Therefore, measures for search engine optimization, in short SEO, are just as important as a content and graphically appealing design of your website. In the interaction of these measures you increase the chances to reach better positions in search engines and to be found faster in search queries. Our agency brings great experience in SEO and helps you to develop the right strategy for your target group and the character of your website.

Various factors for the relevance of your website

Evaluating the relevance of a website is complex and influenced by countless factors. Some of these factors are obvious and easy to understand for laymen, others play out more on a technical level. Below we present the most important factors that we consider in the context of an SEO and that also play a role for your Internet offer:

Texts are an absolute foundation of any website. With the right keywords as relevant terms around search queries, you lay the foundation for being found in many search queries around this term and topic field. The textual SEO was in the early days the most important benchmark for search engines at all.

In the meantime, texts were written explicitly according to search engine criteria, to the detriment of the human reader. Today, Google & Co. pay attention to real added value and linguistic quality. Therefore, the resolution applies more and more often: What inspires a real reader also shows search engines the desired relevance.

Relevant backlinking structure

Including links is one of the most important measures to link between your web offer and other websites. By building such a network, you show that you have an endorsement all over the web and that other users consider you and your web offer important.

For search engines it is important that the linking is done by topic-relevant websites. You can go in search of link partners on your own or with the help of an agency, but they should be roughly in your own subject area with your web offering and the topics presented. In return, check regularly that self-set links of your website lead to still existing websites.

Responsive web design

Users are increasingly accessing websites via smartphones and tablets and less via desktop PCs. The different display formats ensure that your page is displayed clearly in every case and that no content or menu elements are lost.

With websites in responsive web design, a check of the end user device takes place in order to subsequently display your page in a suitable format. Search engines increasingly attach importance to this and assign a higher relevance to internet presences that have programmed your offer responsively for every viewer.

Integration of media elements

In addition to pure text, images, videos, and other media elements ensure greater attention and a clear structure for your website. Search engines assume that multimedia websites convey information to your viewers on different levels and thus have higher relevance.

Besides the simple integration of images and videos, the quality of the media material is important. Here, a strong web agency is the right partner to generate high-quality content that explicitly fits your web offering.

Link to social media

Links to articles and photos on Facebook, Instagram & Co. are a special area when building your link structure. By integrating social media, search engines gain the impression that you regularly bring new content online and seek direct contact with your customers and prospects.

In fact, having your own company blog and using social media offers you benefits that go beyond just marketing. Through direct contact with your customers and a quick response to inquiries or comments, you increase your customer proximity and inspire greater trust.

High usability

An important factor for search engine optimization is the basic user-friendliness or usability. This is more about the overall impression of your website, from coherent menu navigation to a modern and clear web design.

For an upscale usability, the integration of individual page elements moves into the background. Instead, you do the most important work in the basic structure and programming of your site to make your web offering user-friendly. Cooperation with the developers of an experienced agency is worthwhile for this.

Coherent strategy instead of individual measures

An important insight for website operators: One or two measures alone do not ensure the desired success. It is important to follow a clear concept and to coordinate the multitude of SEO measures. This applies not only to the type of measures, but also to the time frame, so that the optimization of your site for Google and other search engines has a generic effect.

Developing a coherent strategy is another main task of a web agency. Here, the empirical values from the past help to determine the right time frame for an SEO strategy. As a rule, systematic strategies are designed for several months in order to regularly incorporate new content and achieve higher rankings step by step.

Search engine optimization as an ongoing process.

After the development and implementation of a coherent strategy, users quickly recognize the success and, ideally, enjoy absolute top rankings. Unfortunately, SEO is not a one-time thing, but should be understood by you as an ongoing process.

The reasons for this: On the one hand, your competition does not sleep, so after a few months without optimization, your competitors’ improvements will ensure that you outstrip the ranking you have achieved. On the other hand, search engines regularly adjust their algorithm, whereby previously first-class SEO measures are no longer sufficient for top positions. A long-term cooperation with an SEO agency is therefore recommended.

Questions about SEO?

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