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What is the bidding process at Google?

Some keywords as search terms in AdWords are more in demand than others, this can be seen when defining the keywords within your campaign.

Google AdWords and the bidding process

Not every search query via Google or other search engines is equally frequent. The search for some terms is much more frequent than for others, in the business sector this is especially true for searched products. For example, if you are a nationwide active company in the plastic moulding business, hundreds of other companies in your industry will use Google AdWords for their advertising purposes.

The fact that some keywords are more in demand as search terms in AdWords than others is evident when you define the keywords within your campaign. Here, a bidding process takes place, i.e. the value of individual keywords depends on the demand. This is also reflected in the price you have to pay for a click.

Google AdWords' experience in the bidding process saves you from wasting your advertising budget. Laymen too often define the wrong or very simple keywords, which are expensive and bring little. It is much wiser to use niches in search terms and to inform yourself about the price structures of various keywords. Our agency will work with you to find the ideal middle ground between suitable search terms and low costs in the bidding process.