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How do search engines actually work?

If a search query is made, search engines such as Google or Qwant filter all listed websites in the index for relevance.

In order to understand how search engine optimization (SEO) works for your website, you should understand how a search engine works. First and foremost, Google should be mentioned here, even if Qwant, Bing or Yahoo proceed in a similar way. The basis of search engines is an index that lists all websites. Google & other search engines filter out dubious or otherwise irrelevant offers from the outset.

If a search query is made, the search engine filters all listed websites in the index according to relevance. Obviously there is a relevance if the term searched for can be found several times on the website. In the early days of SEO almost 20 years ago, it was a good tactic to include desired keywords in your own texts as often as possible. Today this can be removed as a conscious strategy by search engines, which quickly leads to the devaluation of the site or even to its removal from the index.

Nowadays, countless factors are involved in the evaluation of relevance, whereby the exact algorithm is unknown by the various search engines. For top rankings it is therefore important to fulfill as many of these aspects as possible and to inspire the human visitor of the website as well as search engines. This complex task can hardly be mastered by you alone, which is why we offer our help as an experienced web agency.