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How does SEM work?

Search engine marketing is a commercial advertising measure that you handle via Google or other search engines.

To describe search engine marketing, we take a look at Google AdWords as the most important service of this kind. To use it, create an account with Google and then create an SEM campaign. For such a campaign, you select keywords that match your company and the requests of potential customers. Afterwards you design suitable, compact advertisements, which resemble the format of the classical search results at Google.

If a Google user comes up with a search query that matches your specified keyword, your ad will be displayed. If the user decides to click on your ad, a cent is charged. This means that you only pay at the moment when you have had an actual benefit from your ad. Whether the customer actually stays on the linked landing page or website and there is a conversion is of course not guaranteed. Here it is important to offer strong content like a professional landing page so that the site visitor is not disappointed after the click.