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What is the main focus of local search engine optimization?

Quality and relevance are also essential for regional optimization.

The classic SEO has changed constantly over the last years. Search engines have become more demanding in evaluating websites. A high relevance is important for a top position, and search engines such as Google or Bing have noticeably increased the standards for the quality of the website in structure and content. Local SEO is no exception, quality and relevance are also essential for regional optimization.

For the operator of a website, this means not simply adding a city name to the contents of an Internet presence or landing page. For search engines and the human observer, a higher relevance must be recognizable in order to stand out from other websites. This requires, for example, a high information content, criteria such as opening hours or directions have already been mentioned above.

You make a significant contribution to local SEO through "Google my Business". Here you create a direct link between Google and the practical information that distinguishes your company or business. If you can simultaneously link to a relevant website, you have made the best contribution to a top position in a regional search query.