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What exactly is Local SEO?

Local or regional SEO is a special field of classical search engine optimization, or SEO for short.

The measures of this specialty area are designed to ensure that website operators can achieve top positions in search queries via Google that have a local or regional context. In addition to linking their own offer with the name of a city or state, the focus here is on the correct content design of their own web content.

Google itself has carried out studies on local search queries and shows what Internet users are looking for above all in this context. These are:

  • Opening hours of restaurants, craftsmen or stores
  • Directions to hotels, restaurants, stores and more
  • Address of the local companies

For local SEO it is important to present this basic information at first glance and to supplement it with additional content in the client's interest. Google actively supports this with its own concepts such as "Google my Business", but Local SEO includes many other measures on its own website (onpage) and on other websites (offpage).