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What does Social Media Marketing mean?

Build lasting relationships with your customers through targeted advertising or by connecting directly to your company through social networks.

If you want to do marketing for your products or services, reaching the target group is crucial. Social networks are interesting because a wealth of potential customers are registered here. These use a platform that you do not necessarily see as a contact to a company. Nevertheless, a close and lasting relationship between you and your customers can be established through targeted advertisements or a direct connection to your company via social networks.

This process rarely happens by itself. Just as you have a clear strategy for other advertising measures, both online and offline, this also applies to social media marketing. The term summarizes all the measures you take online by using social networks for your advertising purposes.

Our agency advises to integrate social media marketing into a comprehensive and coordinated strategy with further measures. For example, it is worthwhile to integrate compact content on your pinboard, which allows you to link to larger articles on your company website or blog. The use of social media thus also serves to establish a topic-relevant link structure.