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Who uses social media?

Facebook and Instagram are primarily interesting for private users, while platforms such as Linkedin or Xing are business platforms.

In principle, the use of social networks is open to every person and every company. The high number of registrations on all well-known platforms shows the great attraction for private and commercial users alike. Depending upon social network the user approaches however with different requirements to the use.

So Facebook and Instagram are primarily for private users, without excluding your company or web project. Through these networks you can adopt an official site for your company or individual brands. Use them, for example, to regularly upload photos of your latest products or post reports about your last trade show visit.

Sharing information in a similar way is also possible via business platforms such as Linkedin or Xing. Here, however, the focus is more on the actual link with professional contacts. Via one's own profile, a presentation of one's own strengths and references is possible, the contact to each other almost always has business purposes. Headhunters also use these platforms more than Facebook or Instagram.