Local search engine optimization

Reach your target group regionally quickly and easily

To be found as a company with a professional website, a top position in search queries via Google is indispensable. Most operators are aware of how important search engine optimization (SEO) measures are. With Local SEO, a special form of optimization is available, which is primarily suitable for regionally active companies. Whether hotel, restaurant or craftsman, with the right steps of local search engine optimization the chances of winning customers and interested parties from your own environment increase.

The Internet: Global medium with regional character

Whether bookseller, plumber or the small pizzeria on the corner - every business should be found on the Internet. Especially retailers as well as small companies make a mistake in thinking when it comes to optimizing your website for the search engine Google. Granted: There are thousands of bookshops and pizzerias in Austria. Achieving a top position in the search results by entering search terms such as “bookshop” or “pizzeria” is therefore almost impossible.

What small traders, craftsmen, restaurants & Co. overlook: Users rarely search for these terms without specifying a city or region. Even though the Internet is a global medium and Google searches websites worldwide, the regional character is not lost in many search queries. This is exactly what marketing professionals use in the context of local SEO to assure companies top rankings on Google in a regional context.

Overview of important Local SEO measures

Similar to the classic search engine optimization, we first look at classic SEO measures, which you can do onpage in your own web offer. Among the most important measures are:

Textual optimization

The design of your website with high-quality content is the basis of every SEO. The name of your city or municipality should be included in the texts in an adequate frame. The greater the regional competition in your area, the more tactfulness is required in the text design. Especially for this, cooperation with an experienced agency is recommended.

Landing Pages

Especially for local SEO, landing pages are an ideal tool. In modern online marketing, it is advisable to create a separate landing page for each of your locations, each optimized for a city name. The page design enables you to present all the practical information of the respective branch and thus meet the customer interest exactly.

Media elements

The integration of meaningful images and videos is relevant in any form of SEO nowadays. Especially when using landing pages, the use of individual media elements is ideal. Show customers through photos how it looks exactly at the respective location or introduce your team in a small video. High relevance for independently produced material is guaranteed.

Use additional functions of Google My Business

If your website or a landing page is optimized, link it to an entry at "Google my Business". This requires registration on the Google website. Then create a company entry on Google, which you link to your website. At Google, you can directly set the location of your company via Google Maps. You can also directly integrate opening hours and other practical information.

As you know it from your own search queries, Google shows one or more service providers in a map image that match the query in a regional search. Don't miss the chance with "Google my Business" to be listed on this map material yourself. Since customers can submit ratings via Google, you will ideally distinguish yourself positively from the competitors of the displayed map.

Use local SEO offpage as well

The use of "Google my Business" can be seen as the first and most important offpage measure. Besides, there are other possibilities to draw attention to your web offer beyond your own website. As with classic SEO, it makes sense to build a strong backlinking structure.

By default, Google assumes that the link is provided by topic-relevant pages. This is a great advantage of local SEO, since the regional reference often already gives a relevance. Find out whether there are city and business directories for your community in which you can register online. Or you can find other service providers and companies in your city to link to the respective other offer. Since both sides benefit from a strengthening of the regional economy, you are sure to quickly find suitable partners in your area.

Social media as part of a local SEO campaign

A company registered with "Google my Business" will quickly find customer reviews online over time. These are to be taken seriously, not only because they are an important criterion for other searchers. Therefore, keep a regular eye on your entry and respond to praise and criticism in order to show customer proximity and present yourself as a communicative service provider.

If you want to communicate even more actively with old and new customers, use the integration of social media as part of your local SEO. Post current products or food as images on Instagram or alert your customers to special promotions on Facebook. Social networks also work regionally with their search queries and make it easier for users to search in the surrounding area. Step by step, build a network that helps you reach regional fans. And they will recommend your company locally, not least through word of mouth.

Local SEO as part of a marketing campaign

As with any kind of search engine optimization, there is one thing about local SEO: Coordinated measures at the right time are the key to success. Therefore integrate local search engine optimization into your overall concept of a good marketing campaign. Our agency is your partner who will accompany you from the analysis of your existing website to the comprehensive optimization of your web content. Trust in our expertise and experience how local SEO can help you win new customers in a timely manner!

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