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Do you want to reposition your brand, open up new markets or address additional target groups? The design of your website is an essential lever for this.

We are convinced that only the combination of technical perfection and well thought-out web design can lead to convincing performance and perfect user experience. Our individual solutions from Vienna are always a unique and therefore particularly effective answer to the requirements of our clients.

Table of contents

  • Concept, planning and strategy
  • The Homepage Design
  • Technical implementation & usability
  • Page structure of a website
  • Optimize loading times
  • Online Marketing

We support you in getting more out of your website. As a qualified digital agency from Vienna, we offer your company comprehensive web development, from responsive web design to PageSpeed optimization and search engine optimization. Our portfolio includes responsive homepage designs optimized for any device, digital campaigns as well as custom web design for webshops, corporate websites, blogs, image pages, landing pages and OnePagers.

A professional web design changes how customers perceive your business. A tidy, structured website with the right homepage design makes a good first impression. Characteristics such as seriousness, trustworthiness, reliability and cohesion can be easily conveyed by your web layout.

Web design agency from Vienna: This is how we proceed

1. conception, planning, strategy

What do you want to achieve with your website?

Every website has a goal. Online stores primarily want to sell products, blogs inform customers, and sign-up pages are often used to generate leads. Before you plan further, you should consider the goals of your internet site. After that, you can adjust the next step.

Who do you want to reach with your corporate website?

The individual target group sets the cornerstones for how the structure, content and wording of the site are aligned. Personas of ideal customers are helpful for the initial concept. These are fictitious profiles that use personal data to present a typical visitor to the website. Important criteria for this are age, gender, level of education and social status of the desired target group.

Who are your competitors on the net?

he next step is to analyze the competition. Of course, you should always keep an eye on your competitors - this applies to market entry as well as to your own company website. The top-ranked websites of your competitors give you a first insight into which content, which homepage design and which page structure is used.

Competitive analysis, an important step

The goal of competitive analysis is, of course, not to copy other websites. Competitor analysis helps to define your own strengths within the industry and to identify the unique selling proposition of your website.

2. the design

The design of the homepage conveys the identity of the company - it should not only be useful, but also communicate the desired image. At the same time we simplify the search for the users. The intended use of graphics, lists and icons is quite capable of directing your visitors’ gaze in the desired direction across the screen.

If your company already has a corporate design and logos, these should be incorporated into the web design. We start with the right color scheme, move on to the background, shading and alignment, and finish your homepage design with the ideal font.

Every successful website meets clearly defined requirements - functional, structural and visual design are essential elements of web design. From a clear layout to the right font and the color used, we develop a harmonious design concept that runs like a red line throughout the website.

Don’t underestimate the impact of color on conversion rates. Did you know that salient colors like yellow, red or complementary colors achieve better conversion rates? A clear and appealing homepage design ensures that your visitors find their way around easily and stay longer on your website. This way, your potential customers absorb more information and your company stays in their minds longer. The result? The chance of a conversion increases!

When emotions are involved, people store memories most efficiently. Through the targeted use of emotional images and color psychology, your website will remain longer in the memory of your visitors. As a result, users not only tend to revisit your site, but also associate certain emotions with your business. This effect is an effective way to increase customer loyalty!

What is social networking?

On the largest and most popular platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, sharing personal messages or photos is the …

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3. technical implementation & usability

Content management system or content management system is a software that allows you to create, edit and organize the content of your website. A content management system is an integral part of our package. Depending on the project and the desired result, we use the appropriate CMS such as Kirby CMS, Joomla or WordPress.

Clean source code: An underestimated quality factor

Nearly half of Google searches are conducted on mobile devices - it’s clear that the mobile version of web design is now a must. Whether tablet, smartphone or desktop - we bring your website to life on all devices. We’ll also ensure that text and graphics are full-screen and displayed correctly, your homepage design works in both landscape and portrait modes, page elements are appropriately placed, and clear call-to-action buttons are present.

Manage store content easily with Shopware and JTL Shop.

When your website comes to life, the content management system (CMS) is at its heart. These are used to bring together the management of graphics and text content, as well as the maintenance of the website design. We, as a web design agency, will impress your visitors with a unique and elegant website. In addition, we know the best plugins for many store systems and customize them exactly for you!

4. Structuring

A clear page structure helps your visitors find their way around the website. If the page is confusing, users quickly lose motivation to search for the information they need - and simply bounce.

For this reason, a directory with all names is essential. Headings, icons, color-separated areas and graphics determine the direction and ensure a pleasant user experience. We therefore place particular emphasis on clear and easy-to-understand navigation points, appealing buttons and links, and the right structure.

5. high quality content

After we have designed and created your web design, life is breathed into your website. With graphics and texts we activate the homepage design and with the well-known search engine optimization we subtly arouse the interest of Google & Co. We offer a target group relevant alignment of your graphical and textual content as well as OnPage optimization like internal linking and image and text optimization.

Most of the information consumed on the website is plain text - that's why we pay special attention to fonts! It ensures that written information is easy to use and readable. The optimal homepage design convinces with the right font, font size and line spacing. We also pay attention to the right contrast between text and background color, as well as to the hierarchy of titles.

6. Optimize loading times

Nothing frustrates your visitors more than lengthy loading times - the result: the user jumps to the next page. Carefully prepared content is never read, online purchases do not take place and the website gradually loses relevance. More than 3 seconds loading time is an absolute no-go today!

7. Redesign

The digital world is evolving at breakneck speed: what was modern and shiny one minute is clunky and old-fashioned the next. For a salesperson, the right tactics increase the chance of a sale. The basic principles of business psychology apply equally online. Redesigning your website can even help you improve its SEO before visitors ever reach your site. SEO strategies change every few years, especially when Google updates its algorithms or introduces new technologies. More and more users are using different languages when writing, so businesses are now incorporating language-specific keywords into their SEO strategies. For this reason, you should constantly update your page design. We recommend a redesign every 3 to 4 years.

8. Online Marketing

The web design is completed and your web presence shows its most beautiful, user-friendly side. It would be a shame if the new homepage design didn't get the attention it deserves. Through personal online marketing in the form of SEO, SEA, we get users, readers and potential customers to visit your website and trust your business.

Website design from a professional - have we convinced you?

Your website represents your company on the Internet. You want to make sure that your company website shines. We take care of the necessary refurbishment of your pages in Vienna, equip them with the latest internet marketing tools and make them multimedia, customer-friendly, but most of all aesthetic. Let your current or future website shine in new splendor and modern design.

See for yourself today how a well-designed website can give your business a new shine. Your web design agency in Vienna will not only attract eyes, but also clicks to your website.

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