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the key to online success

As a company of all industries and sizes, you cannot do without an appealing website. There is more to it than bringing information, products and services to the web. Modern web development stands for unique websites that set you apart from your competitors in function and design.

In addition to web programming, graphic and technical elements play a role in making sure that search engines like Google inspire you as much as the human viewer of your website. Our versatile web agency helps you in all areas of modern web development and paves the way to a successful website for more visitors and customers.

What does modern web development actually involve?

Web development takes place in the visible area for the visitor of your website (frontend) and in the technical background (backend). In the frontend the following aspects are essential:

  • clear structure of all content
  • optimal design for desktop PC, smartphone, tablet etc.
  • professional and distinctive web design
  • search engine friendly content for top positions in search engines

Many customers have a clear idea of the aspects in the frontend, but are dependent on an industry professional for the implementation. It becomes even more complex in the back end, where the following aspects, for example, contribute to modern web development:

  • Web programming according to international W3C standards
  • Page speed optimization for shortest loading times
  • Clean code as clean programming style
  • Optimization of server structures

Customized web programming

Your company should be easy to find on the Internet and inspire every visitor to your website with clear and exciting content. From your company presentation to products in an online store, there are countless possibilities in the technical and visual implementation of a website. In the context of modern web development, it is important to find an individual approach that makes your website unique and fits your company character.

Aspects like usability as well as a modern and appealing web design are in the foreground. Also in the background it is important to contribute to customer satisfaction within the scope of Technical SEO. This is achieved, for example, through clean web programming or particularly fast loading times of the site. Laypersons are not very familiar with these aspects of website design, but for customer success you are just as important as your product offering itself. Therefore put the web programming in our experienced hands.

The intelligent interaction of frontend & backend

The intelligent interaction of frontend and backend makes the most important contribution to modern search engine optimization, or SEO for short. This refers to how relevant your website and the presented content is according to the assessment of search engines like Google. The rankings for all Google search queries are not a random product, but the result of targeted SEO measures.

Technical SEO for top results

With a coordinated web programming and a clear strategy in web development, you contribute significantly to the optimal ranking of your website. In addition to the classic SEO for the content design of your website, Technical SEO has gained in importance over the years. Our agency is your competent partner on both levels and creates an all-round optimized web presence.

Customized solutions for companies of all sizes

Modern web programming is relevant and affordable for companies of all sizes and industries. From small start-ups to global corporations, you cannot do without a website that presents you and your products and services in the best possible way. Especially if you are new on the market and have to stand up to strong competition, you should take the topic of web development seriously.

Web programming as basis for good SEO

The advantage of smart web programming and SEO with strategy: At Google, small companies are not automatically subject to the absolute sizes of the industry. Even as a smaller company you have chances to be listed in the top positions depending on the search term entered. The only thing that is important for this is a coordinated SEO strategy, which we can help you to achieve.

App Programming

Being found online by old and new customers is not limited to your website alone. It is to be understood as a digital figurehead or worldwide business card. There are additional possibilities for a service-strong and interactive character that convinces customers and prospects even more.
One approach is the increased use of social media, which allows direct exchange with your customers. The interaction and quick accessibility significantly promotes customer loyalty and creates a positive image. Just as important is app programming, which is implemented independently of web programming. An independent app is ideal for service providers who want to present a wealth of information in a compact and clear way.
With a separate app, you save every viewer from visiting your website frequently. Instead, you are present with your own app on the user’s smartphone or tablet. App programming requires own skills and a different approach than web programming, both are part of our service offering.

Optimize your mobile presentation with Bilddichte Agency

Even without an app, many of your customers will access your website on the mobile Internet. Smartphones and tablets are the most popular devices for accessing web content, especially among younger customers or in B2C business. Web programming must take this into account; after all, these devices with their smaller displays have different requirements for the structure and menu navigation of your website.

With a content management system (CMS) as the basis of your website, you can take the most important step in this direction. All established and professional CMS such as WordPress recognize before the page structure, from which device a request to the server is made. This ensures an optimal presentation of your site according to the format of the respective device.

Web programming by experienced developers

Professional programming of your website is the key to custom web development. For web programming, our agency relies on experienced developers who contribute to a customized implementation with their expertise in the most important languages. This includes the adaptation of a CMS as a framework, as well as the implementation of special requests of individual customers. Our competencies in web programming include

  • HTML & CSS
  • PHP
  • Java Script
  • SQL Programming

These and other skills of our developers cover the whole range of dynamic websites, the integration of database structures and more. During the planning phase, we will work with you to determine the specific needs of your website. We implement these professionally and with clean coding.

Clean source code: An underestimated quality factor

Especially when using a CMS, many newcomers to web programming do not think about clean code. They assume that the systematic approach automatically contributes to an optimized and clean web programming. Unfortunately, this is not the case, especially if there are adjustments on the content and graphic level in the course of weeks and months.

Browsers such as Firefox or Safari often provide the viewer with a clean result, as they can interpret errors or carelessness in web programming. However, interpreting a complicated written code correctly takes time when building a page. In the worst case, contents are not displayed or are displayed incorrectly because the correct interpretation is missing.

Clean code and regular checking of all subpages is an important part of web development and search engine optimization. Otherwise, you threaten to deter every visitor to your website because their browser does not display the contents of the page correctly. It is not the web browser that is to blame for this, but the web programming.

Technical SEO

Important component of web development

The term SEO is already familiar to many laymen when it comes to optimizing the website for Google search queries. Most users are also familiar with the most important elements of SEO, from high-quality texts with the right keywords to building a sustainable backlinking structure. The classic SEO has changed over the years, but now the security of the website, the integration of media elements and general usability also play an essential role.

A website in the sense of Technical SEO must convince not only on the content level but also on the technical level. In order for this to succeed, an experienced agency will help you with targeted measures that fit into an overall concept of web development. Leading aspects of Technical SEO are:

  • Security certificates (HTTPS)
  • HTTP/2 as contemporary protocol standard
  • Optimization of loading times (Page Speed Optimization)

Above all the topic loading times underestimates many operators of Internet sides substantially. Practice shows that the majority of users wait a period of three seconds for a website to load completely. If more time passes, the user becomes impatient and quickly leaves your website in favor of a direct competitor.

That’s why our Technical SEO includes reducing loading times in web programming through a variety of established measures. These include the reduced use of CSS formatting and the integration of JavaScript. Media elements can also be optimized depending on the user’s device, for example by adapting the resolution to the respective device.

Content Management Systems

No conflict with individuality

In order to stand out from your competitors in web development, the individual character of your website is crucial. For laymen this is at first sight a contradiction to the use of a CMS, where technically the same basis is used for every kind of website.

The solution lies in the high adaptability of the concept. Through countless themes for the menu navigation and the graphic design of your site, there is certainly no overlap with the web design of your competitors or other companies. In addition, a simple adaptation is possible within the framework of our professional web programming, if you have special ideas for the structure and design of your site. Here we would like to show you all possibilities in a personal conversation.

The CMS for your project

Not only the individual design of the themes in a CMS is part of modern web development. You take an important step before by choosing the ideal CMS for your project and your purposes. Besides world-famous CMS like WordPress, a special solution may be more suitable for your needs.

There are specialized systems that ensure optimized performance for an online store. In addition, each CMS has its own spectrum of functions and possibilities for technical expansion. This ranges from communication with the website visitor to the secure integration of certain interfaces for e-payment. Together with you, we will be happy to analyze where exactly your needs lie in terms of page layout and which content management system is best suited for this.

Do you have further questions? Come to us!

You want to rely on an experienced partner in web programming and master the aspects of Technical SEO? You already have an older website and would like to make it competitive again through new impulses in web development? Use the direct contact to our agency and let us take the step together towards new successes on the web.

Our creative team of programmers, designers and other specialists covers all aspects from web development to web programming. We are up to date with the requirements of the Google algorithm for the evaluation of your website and implement them safely and professionally in our projects. Just make an appointment with us to make the future of your website successful with real professionals.

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